Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Moral Equivalency, NC GOP-Style

Radio Girl Laura Leslie says that her reporting on the public hatefulness in Republican ranks (a reporter battered at a Sarah Palin rally in Elon, 30 tires slashed at an Obama rally in Fayetteville, a dead bear cub decorated with Obama signs and dumped off at Western Carolina University) has prompted an e-mail to her from Brent Woodcox, spokesman for the NC GOP, making the old "they do it too" argument as a way of excusing the nasty elements in his own party:
"It is a point worth making that idiocy is not solely characteristic of any one party. We all share the blame for the current political environment and we all share the responsibility of moving to a higher road."

Yeah, Mr. Woodcox, tell it to Robin Hayes, Michelle Bachmann, Nancy Pfotenhauer. Hell tell it to your vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin. Tell it to your standard-bearer John McCain, who defends his national robo-calling ("Obama is friends with terrorists") as a truthful and honorable thing to do. They're calling all of us who don't agree with the McCain/Palin ticket "anti-American," "socialist" (which we know really means "commie"), not "real Americans."

Radio Girl rightly says that name-calling on the Democratic side is hardly a moral equivalent to personal assault, property damage, and dead animals.

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