Friday, October 17, 2008

Reporter Assaulted at Palin Rally

Wednesday, at Elon.

Joe Killian, working for the Greensboro News & Record, kicked in the back of the leg by a large bearded man decked out in lots of Palin regalia.

Mark Binker, in yesterday's N&R:
What I don't expect is for some troglodyte at a campaign rally to decide that the proper way to express his frustration with Democrats, Barack Obama or the "left-wing liberal media" is to commit assault on a colleague.

Joe Killian's own account here.

Back to Mark Binker, who's actually restrained in asking the following question of Republican leaders:
After today I'm wondering - and this is just wondering at this point - whether Republicans aren't in some respect giving their supporters license for this sort of crap. If the story you peddle is that your guys are the good guys and all those who stand against them are the bad guys, and the "liberal media" is in that second column, might there be a message there – even if it is one that is misconstrued and carried to a stupid extreme in some cases?

Republicans are losing it. Just check out Jim Goff's column in yesterday's High Country Press, in which he can't restrain himself from alluding to the middle name that Barack Obama's parents gave him, which apparently means that Obama is obviously and eternally connected to terrorists. Because -- hey! -- the monikers our parents hang on us, through no fault of our own, actually DO indicate huge moral and patriotic failure. Right? (The Goff essay may be on-line, but we can't find it.)

Shame on Jim Goff, who is allegedly an educated man.

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