Friday, January 09, 2004

Puppets on a String

What a relief! I mean ... to go, today, from Condition Orange to Condition Yellow! Don't we feel calmer already?

But get ready for the jolts to come ... CONDITION ORANGE! CONDITION ORANGE! CONDITION RED! The election's coming!

Sometimes they make us feel like a child's science project, like an animal sinew hooked up to a car battery, so that we jump reflexively when a switch is thrown. Are we no better than dissected frogs legs on the cold stainless-steel of this Bush administration's Terror Alert? Is Karl Rove throwing the switch?

They've got us where they want us ... periodically terrified, on high alert ... and periodically cold as ice to what all this means to our individual freedoms.

Don't you feel like a giblet under a heat lamp? Going back into the freezer, until the next Condition Orange...

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