Wednesday, January 14, 2004

Reaction to Bush's Marriage Initiative

This just in from Redmon17, in reaction to the New York Times article on Bush's marriage initiative (immediately previous posting):

"BTW, there are a couple of things this piece does not mention. One, when it says 'statistical evidence suggests that children fare best, financially and emotionally, in married two-parent families,' what it should be talking about is unconditional love ... a concept which this Administration and many of its supporters clearly are far from grasping.

"Second, what exactly is a 'healthy marriage?' Would that be one in which the wife is barefoot and pregnant, and subservient to the hubby (a la fundamentalist doctrine) or where the wife is an autonomous human being, free to make her own choices (oops, naughty word) ... to include not 'baking cookies.'

"Finally, the poster child for the initiative surely must be Britney Spears. How else to reach the younger generation of air heads?"

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