Friday, January 16, 2004

Regular readers of this site may recall our account of a fund-raising call we got from the Republican Congressional Committee (see archives 1/14/04, "We Get a Call from Tom Delay").

News in the Washington Times this a.m. suggests that actual Republicans are also slamming shut their checkbooks over Bush's immigration plan, specifically some of those well-heeled types in Atlanta who were supposed to come to that $2,000-a-plate dinner last night right after the Prez got booed by blacks.

"President Bush's immigration initiative has angered conservative Republicans so much that some are refusing to donate to his re-election campaign, according to a Bush fund-raiser in Georgia.
Phil Kent, a member of the host committee for a Bush fund-raiser in Atlanta yesterday, said he was told by several would-be donors that they would not attend the $2,000-per-person event because of the president's announcement last week on immigration reform.
" 'I was soliciting checks right after the announcement, and I lost two checks from people who had wanted to come, but wouldn't,' Mr. Kent said. 'They specifically said this is just rewarding lawbreakers."

'Course, whether this small revolt, along with the Weyrich bunch's discontent, will actually mean anything for the fall election ... that's a huge long shot, since our experience with partisan Republicans is that they ALWAYS end up saluting and doing what they're told.

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