Thursday, January 15, 2004

How MeanDean is Rattling the Party Elite

David Walsh, writing perceptively on "The 'Stop Dean' campaign and the divisions in the American political establishment," correctly skewers the Democratic Party's power elite for basically just lying down while the Bushies took over the world (literally). His criticisms apply equally, far as we're concerned, to much of the state Democratic Party power structure. Here's a key quote:

"...On one level, the controversy surrounding Dean's candidacy boils down to whether the Democratic Party will entirely cease to compete with the Republicans. Lieberman in particular speaks for that faction of Democrats opposed to any attempt to remove Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld and the criminal gang in power...."

How often have we heard it expressed in debates among party activists, "Well, we can't come out for [or against] such-and-such, because people will get mad. The Republicans will attack us."

As though the Party Of The Filthy Rich won't attack anyway, whether we stand for something or not. Howard Dean, at least, is teaching Democrats how to stand up again and fight back.

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