Saturday, January 17, 2004

ASU Unveiling Top Applicants for Chancellor

After doing its chancellor search under the veil of secrecy, ASU is finally dribbling out information on the finalists.

The first one, Dr. Kyle Carter, was on campus yesterday. He's an "educational psychologist" with degrees from Mercer University and the University of Georgia. He's taught at Valdosta State in Georgia, at the University of Northern Colorado, and at Central Missouri State University. The scuttlebutt on campus: "not impressive enough."

The second visitant on Tuesday, Jan. 20th, will be Stan Albrecht, currently Executive Vice President and Provost at Utah State University. He's a sociologist with degrees from Brigham Young University (he's a Mormon?) and from Washington State. He has also done some graduate work at the University of Kentucky (so presumably he's at least seen Appalachia from as close as the Bluegrass), and his credentials in "rural sociology" might make him interested in local regional studies. He's been a dean and academic vice president at Brigham Young (so he's definitely a Mormon, because they don't hire anyone else) and spent several years at the University of Florida.

More, as this story develops...

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