Friday, January 23, 2004

Democrat Sell-Outs in the Senate

We have the following Democratic Senators to thank for the passage of the grotesque Omnibus Spending Bill yesterday. After stopping the bill dead in its tracks on Tuesday, they weakly and meekly turned around and voted to cut off debate yesterday ... gaining ... exactly WHAT? Nothing, but the spectacle of their own inability to stand up to this president.

If any two of these people listed below had voted no, the bill would have been stopped. But because these fine public servants were "unwilling to engage in a showdown that could cause a government shutdown" (NYT coverage) they caved.

(Many of these senators are allied with the in-bed-with-big-business Democratic Leadership Council. And this is where the DLC is leading us ... deficit spending all around, the limiting of over-time pay, allowing media conglomerates to move increasingly toward monopolies, and other swell ideas meant to consolidate corporate power over ordinary citizens.

WHAT TO DO ABOUT THIS? We suggest going to the Senate homepage, finding the email link to some (or all) of these turkeys, and letting them know how you appreciate their now manifold and multiple sell-outs of the public interest:

Bingaman of New Mexico
Breaux of Louisiana (soon to be retired, thank gawd!)
Carper of Delaware
Dayton of Minnesota
Feinstein of California
Harkin of Iowa (for pete's sake!)
Hollings of South Carolina
Inouye of Hawaii
Landrieu of Louisiana
Leahy of Vermont (go figure!)
Mikulski of Maryland
Miller of Georgia (no surprise, this one)
Murray of Washington
Nelson of Nebraska
Reid of Nevada
Schumer of New York

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