Tuesday, January 20, 2004

The Shameless Vernon Robinson

Vernon Robinson, a Winston-Salem city councilman and a candidate running against Virginia Foxx in the Republican primary to replace Richard Burr in the 10th district congressional seat, used the Martin Luther King holiday yesterday (while the Winston-Salem city hall was closed) to install a four-foot-tall granite monument to the Ten Commandments on city hall property.

Robinson said he was inspired by Roy Moore, Alabama's ousted Chief Justice. Some inspiration! Which Robinson is counting on to win him the hard-right in his upcoming primary battle.

"He doesn't have the right to put it there," City Attorney Ron Seeber said. The appropriate process for anyone to put a permanent marker on city property is to petition the council for approval, he said.

Vernon Robinson has probably hurt himself mortally by this move, since the 5th district of North Carolina is not in fact Alabama, which means he's unwittingly helped Virginia Foxx. Unless she decides to move an even bigger monument onto, say, the grounds of the Watauga County courthouse. Unlikely, since county employees would be mightily peeved at losing a parking space. Perhaps Foxx can be content with trumpeting herself as "a woman of faith" on her website: "...the driving force is her strong faith and desire to serve God."

Yeah, right. Watever.

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