Sunday, January 25, 2004

ASU Chancellor Search Update

Daniel S. Papp, the fifth candidate for the ASU Chancellorship being brought to Boone for a ritual grilling, was THE finalist in 2002 to become chancellor of Florida's Division of Colleges & Universities (an account can be found here on the Florida Department of Education site). It's very clear that Florida wanted him. In fact, he actually took the job and then reneged, citing "unforeseen roles and responsibilities of the position" (story here) Gosh! The Florida job seems like a considerably bigger job than the one he's now up for. We hope there aren't any unforeseen responsibilities locally.

Papp is quite well known for his published works in international relations, particularly his editing of former Secretary of State Dean Rusk's As I Saw It.

Why each candidate for this job is subjected to segregated meetings is a bit curious. Each meets with higher administrators and then meets with the peons doing the actual teaching, and the peons doing the actual teaching don't know what the higher administrators have asked and how each candidate's responses might actually impinge on the future lives of peons ... if you get my drift. But maybe this is the standard way these things are done. Not that it's the most salutary way.

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