Thursday, January 15, 2004

Andrew Sullivan's No Spin Zone

Conservative ideologue Andrew Sullivan, whose daily blog is a kind of guilty pleasure, is, like, blowing a gasket over Prez Bush's sudden inspiration that he's going to Mars ("and beyond!") and that it'll only cost, like, a dollar ninty-eight to do it! Here's Sullivan's most recent post:

"Here's the truth: If you take defense and entitlement spending out of the picture altogether (and they have, of course, gone through the roof), Bush and the Republican Congress have upped domestic spending by a whopping 21 percent in three years. That compares with an actual decrease in such spending of 0.7 percent in the first three years of Bill Clinton. Spending on education is up 61 percent; on energy 22 percent; on health and human services 22 percent; on the Labor Department a massive 56 percent. There really is no spinning of this. Bill Clinton was a fiscal conservative. George W. Bush is a fiscal liberal of a kind we haven't seen since LBJ. Maybe the Democrats would be worse. But nationally, the GOP is outspending Democrats wherever they get the chance."

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