Wednesday, January 28, 2004

Edwards Says No to Vice Prez Idea

And here we were all thinking that Edwards might pull in second behind Kerry in New Hampshire! Or rather, here we were all breathing in the fumes of media hype, as it turned out. Edwards trails Clark ... not such a good story.

And Edwards this morning is batting down any suggestion that he might be Kerry's running mate.

You've got to respect if not admire the voters of New Hampshire. They not only lied to the pollsters prior to the voting; they convincingly lied on the way out of the polling places! The early polling of people who had voted indicated that Dean was trailing Kerry by single digits, that it was going to be as close as 3 percent. The Dean blog was abuzz with it last night.

I think we should all adopt the deliberate policy of confounding and misleading the pollsters and hence the media ... just for pure meanness.

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