Wednesday, January 21, 2004

Doug Berger Stirs It Up

Many will remember Doug Berger from the 2000 campaigns, when he ran for Secretary of Labor and was the only Democrat to lose a Council of State election that year. (Cherie Berry beat him, and now it's her signature you see inside every elevator in the state.)

Now Berger's running in the Democratic primary against Judge Linda McGee for the N.C. Court of Appeals ... a somewhat strange move, considering McGee's popularity and apparent effectiveness as a judge.

Berger has now made it into the Raleigh News & Observer, accused ALREADY of negative campaigning. Judge McGee sicced an ethics panel of judges on him, complaining that he had crossed the line in attacking her.

You can read his defense of himself by clicking on the link above. It doesn't really matter. What matters is Berger's apparent self-destructive streak, which might end up wounding a good judge in the general election.

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