Saturday, January 24, 2004

Cherie Blair for President!

The Drudge Report is headlining a new book about British Prime Minister Tony Blair that says Blair has been embarrassed at times by his wife Cherie's dislike of George W. Bush.

Apparently, Cherie confronted Bush about capital punishment at a private dinner in England, making her husband Tony squirm. At the same dinner, Laura Bush returned the favor by embarrassing George when she admitted that she did not share his anti-abortion views.

Cherie Blair was hostile to the "cozying up" between Blair and Bush in the lead-up to the Iraqi war. (Cherie Blair is a human rights attorney and is known for her strong views.)

She has also made a point of not hiding her opinion that Bush "stole" the election from Gore. When flying to Washington for their first official visit after Bush was installed in the White House, Cherie Blair reportedly asked why she and Tony had to be so nice to "these people."

The book, due out in the U.S. in early February, also reinforces the notion that Dick Cheney is the puppet-master. The book "reveals the coolness shown by Vice- President Cheney in his early meetings with Mr Blair and how Mr Cheney showed his hostility later on to Mr Blair's efforts to persuade Mr Bush to work through the UN before war against Iraq. He made 'occasional, acid' interventions during the crucial Camp David summit and 'during the following days and months he would be the constant disrupting force in the Anglo-American relationship.' [The author] adds: 'If Donald Rumsfeld discomfited Blair with his public disdain for multilateralism, Cheney sought to undermine the Prime Minister privately.' "

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