Friday, January 23, 2004

Media Whores Blather On

Depend on "The Campaign Desk" at the Columbia Journalism Review to take a look at who actually did most of the talking at Thursday night's Democratic candidate debate in New Hampshire. These guys actually counted the words! And found that ABC news anchor Peter Jennings spoke more words than Al Sharpton, Dennis Kucininch, and Wesley Clark; Jennings spoke nearly as many words as Howard Dean. "In total, 30 percent of the words spoken came from one of the four moderators/questioners."

Haven't we known all along that this campaign is really all about the media, those well groomed show dogs with the $2-million homes?

And get this: Senator John Edwards (who is known variously by the nicknames "John Boy" and "The Breck Girl") spoke by far the most words of anyone, simply ignoring the bell that was supposed to cut each candidate off. As everyone knows, you can't out-talk a good courtroom lawyer.

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