Thursday, January 29, 2004

ASU Chancellor Search Update

The six finalists have all been to campus, the search committee has made its final recommendations to UNC President Molly Broad, and we understand that Broad will announce her decision via closed circuit hookup on February 13th ... that's Friday the 13th, if you're keeping count of how many ways this new chancellor may already be cursed.

Smart money is betting that the three names sent to Broad are Stan Albrecht (from Utah State), Paula Short (from the Tennessee system), and Kenneth Peacock (from ASU). Though Peacock seems noticeably not in the same league with the others, he has personal ties to many on the search committee, has a gregarious personality that puts people at ease, and is being pumped up by local business interests. We understand that Molly Broad is being lobbied hard to pick Peacock. Some are betting she won't, but we refuse to cover those bets.

If she doesn't pick Peacock, it'll likely end up being Albrecht, since Paula Short is also a finalist for the provost position at Kansas State and may be offered that. Albrecht was recruited (or nominated) for this job, and we assume he sent in his papers because he was willing to take it.

Stay tuned for Friday the 13th!

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