Thursday, January 15, 2004

Protesters Push Through Barricades in Atlanta

This just in, from an alert reader, copied from the Atlanta Journal-Constitution on-line site:

Hundreds of people pushed past barricades set up by the Secret Service to protest President Bush's visit to the tomb of Martin Luther King Jr. on Thursday, which would have been the slain civil rights leader's 75th birthday.

Beating drums and chanting "In 2004, Bush no more," about 300 people had marched in circles near the tomb, saying the president's stop there was merely a "photo op."

"When I heard Bush was coming here I couldn't believe it. I was outraged and disgusted, and I just think it's a photo op. It's so transparent," said Kathy Nicholas, a flight attendant from Atlanta who said she had planned to visit the tomb before she learned of the president's visit....

Read the full story here.

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