Wednesday, January 14, 2004

Squirm Patrol -- More on O'Neill

I've heard it but haven't found it in print yet ... that Paul O'Neill yesterday told somebody (The Today Show, maybe) that he's probably still vote for Bush ... which is in itself jaw-dropping, considering.

And he's beginning to backtrack on his story, supported by numerous documents he gave to Ron Suskind, that the Bush administration was doing anything relative to Iraq other than continuing the policies of the Clinton administration.

Here's Billmon's take on that waffling: "Like I said at the start, it's not surprising O'Neill is changing his story now -- not when you consider the enormous pressure being applied to his skull by the administration, the GOP attack machine and the right-wing media. In a way, O'Neill reminds me of the middle-aged businessman in Sinclair Lewis's novel Babbit, who briefly and naively rebels against the conservative establishment that has shaped his life, but quickly backs down once he realizes the establishment has it in its power to crush him like a walnut."

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