Thursday, January 29, 2004

DLC Members in NC

Just so's you know, the following North Carolina Democratic office-holders are listed on the Democratic Leadership Council site as having partaken of the Al From & Co. Kool Aid. Maybe these guys (and Beverly Perdue) need to hear from actual Democrats that the scorched-earth policy being practiced by the DLC is highly unproductive. Going to the link highlighted above will get you directly to these people's websites or email addresses.

Roy A. Cooper III, Attorney General, NC
Michael Easley, Governor, NC
John Edwards, U.S. Senator, NC
Bob Etheridge, U.S. Representative, NC
Mike McIntyre, U.S. Representative, NC
Brad Miller, U.S. Representative, NC
Richard H. Moore, State Treasurer, NC
Beverly Perdue, Lieutenant Governor, NC
David Price, U.S. Representative, NC
Eric Miller Reeves, State Senator, NC

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