Monday, November 15, 2021

The Democrat Who Threatens Madison Cawthorn


A warning from the managers: JWW gets excited about stuff like this. It's a fatal flaw. We know it, and JWW knows it. Because disappointment is inevitable. We put up with his many excitements, especially approaching a General Election, because we sympathize. People eat up with politics need excitement. The excitement of possibilities generates the raw energy necessary for long marches. Plus JWW is into watching candidate videos.

Just take two minutes to know the Democrat who's announced he's running for Congress in the 13th CD, the same district that Congressman Madison Cawthorn carpetbagged himself into last week, to wreck Tim Moore's lemonade stand:

Josh Remillard. That's the Democrat willing to take it to Madison Cawthorn in his new little supposedly safe fiefdom. Remillard -- if he can raise some money -- could inspire excitement in the new 13th, which is supposed to be one of the most Republican districts among all the new districts, a "safe Republican seat." Josh Remillard could at least complicate that smug expectation. A real soldier, with character, integrity, loyalty, kindness -- vs. a toy-boy (who likes to cartoonishly flaunt his supposedly "monster" masculinity). This could be the Iron John political cage-match of 2022.

And good move on Remillard's part. He had already -- since last March -- been running in a crowded Democratic field for the new 14th CD. But what was getting lost about him in that scrum of other Democratic candidates suddenly shines like a beacon in the 13th. (Remillard also ran for Chuck McGrady's old NC House seat in 2020. The Republican Tim Moffitt beat him with 60% of the vote. In other words, Remillard is battle hardened but still charging. WatWatch was enthusiastic about Remillard in January 2020.)

Pacifistic (genteel) Democrats who condemn the Republicans for their violent battle memes and who don't want the Democrats to take a similar gun to a gunfight, may not like that Remillard is actually in a very real sense acting the Army Ranger, an aggressive soldier-guardian doggedly stalking a threat to democracy. That target is already spooked. He just ran away from a different fight in his own district, afraid he might lose his reelection. Never mind. Remillard tracks him. Our Army combat veteran has a quarry, and he ain't giving up the hunt. Meanwhile, the over-exposed 26-year-old "traitor, fraud, and coward" can mull his own human possibilities.

Remillard's website is here, where you can donate to his campaign.


O Suzannah said...

I appreciate your enthusiasm but you missed this Remillard quote that really frames the aggressive campaign against Cawthorn:

"My grandma used to tell me, 'I don't want you starting any fights. But if you get into one, you damned well better finish it.'

She said that a lot. And I took it to heart."

Anonymous said...

This guy makes me proud to be a North Carolinian.

USMCwalker said...

Vote Vet. Vote Blue.