Saturday, November 06, 2021

Watauga Chopped Up in New NC House District Map


Above, NC House districts for the next decade -- barring judicial interference. This map overall graded F by the Princeton Gerrymandering Project. The opinion of Watauga voters in Blue Ridge and Elk precincts -- unprintable in a G-rated blog. Blue Ridge and Elk precincts have been added to the 87th House District, which is mainly Caldwell County where Destin Hall holds the seat. Hall, incidentally, is the Republican chair of the House redistricting committee, and he drew the map.

Blowing Rock precinct is left in House District 93, which means that Ray Pickett was allowed to keep his district. District 93 also now includes Allegheny County. The Princeton Gerrymandering Project rates the partisan divide 41.68% Democratic to 58.22% Republican.

This map and the NC Senate map are not targets of the law suit filed yesterday in Wake County. That legal challenge will move forward in state courts, beginning with a three-judge panel to be appointed by Chief Justice Paul Newby. The suit complains only about the 14 US congressional districts (which also chops up Watauga so that Congresswoman Virginia Foxx can be rid of most of us Wataugans while retaining the core of her red district). Surely there will follow suits against the NC House and NC Senate redistricting.


Anonymous said...

these maps look like a Painted Bunting I once saw - a bird that looks as if it were colored by a 2-year-old with a crayon. these maps have about the same level of maturity.

Anonymous said...

Take a look at Dare County. Not only does the new House redistricting map split the county in half, it splits the town of Kill Devil Hills in half. There are 276 blocks in one house district, and 12 blocks in a different house district. Both the Kill Devil Hills mayor (a Democrat), and the Chair of the Dare County Commissioners (a Republican), are furious.