Thursday, November 18, 2021

Madison Cawthorn Picks His Own Successor in NC14


Twitter buzzing this morning that Michele Woodhouse will step down as chair of the 11th (now the 14th) District GOP to run for the Madison Cawthorn seat.

Judge Bob Orr may have been the first with the news.

Chris Cooper points out that Cawthorn donated $1,000 to the Michele Woodhouse committee back in August. Hmmm.

Woodhouse is from Detroit and was somewhat famous for a Facebook presence, "Vagina Road Warrior."

Vagina Road Warrior has disappeared from Facebook. Is Woodhouse scrubbing her social media? Probably a good idea.

Woodhouse already has a campaign website. She's a gin-you-wine Trumper, you bet.


Anonymous said...

Description of her (former) facebook presence. "Tales from the road -- selling a vaginal rejuvenation treatment and the crazy stories I hear and see".

Oh, yeah. JUST what we need in congress. She and Rand Paul and some of the others can set up a Quackery Caucus in DeeCee.

Sinister Minister said...

"..selling a vaginal rejuvenation treatment" and "..crazy stories" in the same sentence, is redundant and revealing.