Friday, November 19, 2021

Tim Moore, Surprised


News and Observer reporter Brian Murphy got Tim Moore to admit he was taken completely by surprise by Madison Cawthorn's hopping into his drawn-by-design 13th Congressional district: “It did surprise me that someone would move from another area, move into another district that they didn’t live in to try and represent it, but I’ll let the voters of that district decide that."

Not "I'm willing to run and let the voters of that district decide." No. It's "I'll let the voters decide" while I tuck tail and let the little prick tromp all over my plans.

Brian Murphy got this interesting admission out of Sen. Ralph Hise, the main Republican map-drawer, who said the districts may have been slightly different had state lawmakers known Cawthorn was going to run in a different district. The map carves out a small portion of Watauga County where Rep. Virginia Foxx lives so as to avoid putting the two Republicans in the same district. 

“It [Cawthorn's jump] was completely unexpected. I don’t necessarily know, other than maybe three or four days beforehand, anybody who had any inclination that that was a consideration,” Hise said. 

A couple of days ago, Dallas Woodhouse, the mouth of the Republican establishment in North Carolina, put a beating on Cawthorn in the pages of Art Pope's Carolina Journal. How dare that whippersnapper, growled Woodhouse, call Tim Moore "another establishment, go-along-to-get-along Republican," when it's a proven fact that Moore has done more damage to progressivism the poor citizens of the state than several back-to-back Cat 5 hurricanes.

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