Wednesday, November 03, 2021

Boone Voters Reject the AppPAC


The Appalachian PAC's chosen candidates got buried last night in Boone's municipal elections. Both Eric Woolridge and Benjamin Ray finished well behind the three Democratic winners in the main contest:

Todd Carter 1,042

Virginia Roseman 1,027

Jon Dalton George 986

Eric Woolridge 531

Benjamin Ray 399

The AppPAC had billed itself as "non-partisan" and went well out of its way to try to live up to that billing by also endorsing Democrat Edie Tugman in the race to fill two unexpired terms. Tugman incidentally rejected the endorsement. The PAC also endorsed Democrat Tim Futrelle for mayor, but he was running unopposed and was going to win anyway.

Looks like a winners' mandate to me.

Todd Carter, Edie Tugman, Tim Futrelle, Jon Dalton George, and Virginia Roseman

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