Wednesday, September 02, 2020

What the Hell R U Talking About, Virginia Foxx?


Virginia Foxx, autograph hound

The Appalachian's political editor Moss Brennan reported
something that Virginia Foxx said at a meet-the-candidates event at Hollar and Greene on Sunday (August 30):

“You know, the Democrats cannot win at the ballot box. They just can’t,” Foxx told the crowd.

What? What species of Trumpist lying bullshit is that? 

Here are the facts of how Virginia Foxx has fared at the effing ballot box in Watauga County, her home county, since her first run for the US House in 2004:

2004 Foxx beat Democrat Jim Harrell with 54.62 percent of the vote

2006 Democrat Roger Sharpe beat Foxx, who took only 46.42 percent of the vote

2008 Democrat Roy Carter beat Foxx, who took only 46.33 percent of the vote

2010 Foxx beat Democrat Billy Kennedy barely, with 51.16 percent of the vote

2012 Democrat Elisabeth Motsinger beat Foxx, who took 49.96 percent of the vote

2014 Democrat Josh Brannon beat Foxx, who took 49.04 percent of the vote

2016 Democrat Josh Brannon again beat Foxx, who took 49.04 percent of the vote

2018 Democrat D.D. Adams beat Foxx, who took 43.63 percent of the vote

That's what the ballot box has done to Virginia Foxx in her home county. She won her very first race here in 2004, and she edged out Billy Kennedy in the Tea Party year of 2010. But she's been beaten every other election at the ballot box in her home county. But. yeah, you tell your lie, Madam, that Democrats can't win at the ballot box.

Not making predictions here, but your track record in your home county suggests that you'll lose Watauga again in 2020 to David Wilson Brown. At the effing ballot box, which I personally can't wait to reach in order to send you my biennial message of disgust.


Anonymous said...

And I shall join you for the same reason.

Anonymous said...

Remind me again what Virginia Foxx has done for western NC. Anything? Anything at all?

Anonymous said...

Of course she wins every precinct in Watauga that is not dominated by the student vote It's a silly argument to claim she doesnt have local support. By the same token, has Billy Kennedy EVER won his home district? Which Dem county commissioners prevail in the districts outside of the heavily student districts?