Monday, December 23, 2019

North Carolina's Biggest Accretion of Candidates -- The 11th CD

The pile-up in the 11th Congressional District of both Democrats and Republicans who want to go to Congress makes total sense. For Democrats, it's the possibility that the re-inclusion of Asheville into the district could lead to a flip. For Republicans, the sudden stepping down of incumbent Mark Meadows opens the door for those across the state who felt a wild hair about running for Congress and who had the $1,740 to waste on the filing fee. The lists are below.

The Democrats

Moe Davis
First, there were three men (which we profiled here):
Steve Woodsmall
Michael O'Shea
Moe Davis
Then a woman, Republican-recently-turned-Democrat (profiled here):
Gina Collias
Now add a fourth man:
Phillip G. Price -- also ran for this congressional seat in 2018 against Meadows and did poorly. Here's what we said about him in 2018.

Full disclosure: I've contributed to the Moe Davis campaign.

The Republicans

Might as well pour yourself a second cup because this is gonna take a while. Seven of these dozen filed candidates don't live in the 11th District. The most viable candidates -- by virtue of actually living in the 11th District -- are highlighted in boldface. While congressional candidates technically are not required to live in the district they seek to represent, it's generally not a road to success. In the ballot order decreed by the State Board of Elections:
Jim Davis,
formerly of the
NC Senate
*Lynda Bennett -- a 61-year-old Maggie Valley baby-boomer (born 1958) who's engaged in the real estate and vacation rental industry. She's strong Tea Party and vice chair of the Haywood County Republican Party.
*Jim Davis -- a 72-year-old Macon County boomer (born 1947) who only just retired from the NC Senate after four terms. He was first elected in the Tea Party wave of 2010. There's some indication that he was recruited by some party leaders in the 11th.
*Chuck Archerd -- a 62-year-old Asheville boomer (born 1957) who also ran in the 2018 Republican primary against Meadows, getting just 13.7% of the vote. Archerd is a certified public accountant and real estate investor. He also ran unsuccessfully for Buncombe County Commissioner in 2016.
Dan Driscoll -- a 33-year-old Gen-Y-er who's now registered to vote in Caldwell County (which is not in the 11th). 
Joey Osborne -- a 59-year-old Hickory boomer (born 1960) who's also not in the 11th.
Steve Fekete Jr. -- a 61-year-old boomer (born 1958) who lives in Lenoir, still not in the 11th.
Dillon S. Gentry -- a 27-year-old Gen-Y-er (born in 1992) who actually lives in Watauga County, which is not in the 11th. He also ran in a congressional primary against Virginia Foxx in 2018.
Wayne King -- a 39-year-old millennial (born 1980) who's registered to vote in Gaston County, outside the 11th.
*Madison Cawthorn -- a millennial 24-year-old male (born 1995) from Hendersonville. His Facebook page says he's worked at the US House of Representatives.
*Matthew Burril -- a 60-year-old boomer from Asheville. He's an investments manager for Brick Street Equity Management in Asheville and chair of the Asheville Airport Board.
Vance Patterson -- a 69-year-old boomer who lives in Morganton in Burke County, which is not in the 11th.
Albert Wiley Jr. -- an 83-year-old member of the silent generation who lives waaay outside the 11th at the beach in Carteret County. Go figure.

Third Party Candidates

Whoever wins the Democratic and Republican primaries on March 3rd will also face candidates from two other parties on the November 2020 ballot:
Tamara Zwinak, Green Party -- a 67-year-old boomer (born in 1952) from Franklin.
Tracey deBruhl, Libertarian -- a 40-year-old Gen-X-er who lives in Asheville.

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