Wednesday, December 25, 2019

Who's the Frontrunner in the 11th CD Republican Primary?

Wayne King
Last post down-column about all the Democrats and Republicans (not to mention Libertarian and Green) candidates who want to represent the 11th Congressional District in Congress:

Turns out (according to conservative blogger Brant Clifton) that incumbent Congressman Mark Meadows timed his super-late withdrawal from the race to advantage the candidacy of his congressional aide Wayne King, who doesn't even live in the 11th District. He's from Gaston County, which is now in the 5th.

Wayne King, according to Clifton, is disqualified because he's an establishment type who's got a history of being hostile to true conservatives.


What does appear obvious by now is that Meadows was working behind the scenes to set up King as The Chosen One. Minutes after King filed to run last Friday, eight county sheriffs in the 11th came out with endorsements.

Maybe King's the frontrunner in the Republican primary. Dunno. The Tea Party wants Lynda Bennett. Probably the old-line party regulars will be more comfortable with former state Senator Jim Davis. And maybe that Asheville investments manager Matthew Burril will spend the money and sneak up on everybody.

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