Wednesday, April 04, 2018

Another Flip: Wisconsin Supreme Court Seat Goes To a Democrat

Gov. Scott Walker
Milwaukee Judge Rebecca Dallet easily won election to the Wisconsin Supreme Court last night (56% to 44%) over incumbent Republican Judge Michael Screnock who had portrayed himself in TV ads as a “rule of law” conservative endorsed by the National Rifle Association.

Screnock had been appointed to the high court by Governor Scott Walker.

In a March debate with Screnock, Dallet hit him for advocating "on behalf of gerrymandering, rigging our maps in our state, which has been found to be unconstitutional.” She also pointed out that he had a history of physically protesting abortion clinics: “He has stood in front of women’s ability to access their lawful rights, and he’s been arrested twice for doing that.”

Democrats have not won a state Supreme Court seat since 1995, and even with Dallet's win last night, there is still a 4-3 Republican majority on the court.

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Anonymous said...

If Democrats haven't won an election since '95 and they serve 10 year did we end up with 3 Democrats on the court?