Friday, March 30, 2018

Christian Cano Takes Off the Gloves

Democrat Dan McCready, who is running in the NC 9th congressional district (incumbent Republican -- Robert Pittenger), has been a kind of phenomenon this year, gaining national attention and outraising most other Democrats -- and Republicans -- in North Carolina. I've written about him here -- favorably -- more than once. I've also criticized his lack of policy positions, the curious fly-weight vagueness of his campaign so far.

Christian Cano
(But what's with the hat?)
This morning his Democratic primary opponent, Christian Cano, goes after him hard in a campaign email:
As many of y’all have heard by now, our NC09 Democratic challenger, Dan McCready, pulled a Robert Pittenger and cowards out of one of our TV Debates so he won’t have to answer our real-world issues facing our working-class and struggling neighbors (again).
We've come to expect this from cowardly Robert Pittenger. As our 2016 NC 9th Congressional District Democratic Nominee he only showed up for one of our scheduled debates after the tremendous backlash from making his racist and bigoted statements about our Charlotte protesters.
But we didn't expect a so called “brave former Marine” who has spent an entire year trying to convince our Democratic base and our NC 9th Congressional District that his South Charlotte privileged, and elitist class rich kid entitlement was not true.
Let me be clear. Dan McCready is a political coward and a political opportunist of the worst kind. We shared this when we first discovered his collusion with #NancyPelosi and her political cronies and we continue to see it arrogantly on display even now just days before early voting starts.
Dan McCready can't hide forever. He will be forced to answer to our Democratic base and our Democratic values one way or another before early voting starts on April 19, 2018 for our #NCDP Democratic primary election May 08, 2018.
Rest assured, if our Democratic base must camp outside his South Charlotte house, we will force him to answer where he stands on the real-world issues facing our rich culturally diverse working-class and struggling families.
McCready has been the front-runner in the primary, virtually since he announced his candidacy. For some people, Christian Cano is old news, the Democrat who lost to Pittenger in 2016. For some people, McCready looks like a sure winner, and it's kind of expected in American politics that if you're ahead you don't debate an opponent who's far behind.

But Cano's attack does give us pause when combined with McCready's obvious reluctance to state a platform on his website.

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