Wednesday, April 04, 2018

Amy McGrath, Fighter Pilot, Running in Kentucky

I've been following the political trajectory of Amy McGrath in Kentucky (here, for example), who's one of the most exciting new candidates to arise this year. She's running to unseat a Republican incumbent in the 6th Congressional District.

Since I wrote about her, she's drawn a Democratic opponent in a primary, Mayor of Lexington Jim Gray, who lost a race for the US Senate in 2016 to Rand Paul. Oddly (IMO), the DCCC is supporting Gray over McGrath, but the voters may well rebuke that choice on May 22.

McGrath is a former Marine fighter pilot, and this really well done TV ad combines fighter pilot with fighter mom, and it alone (again, IMO) could win this race for her. Check it out.

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Opinionated said...

JW - thanks for the laugh this morning....this is hilarious! I'd like to see her in DeeCee, too!