Tuesday, September 15, 2015

SBOE Deals With Watauga ... Again!

Notorious Aceto & Eggers
Photo by Lonnie Webster
This coming Friday in Raleigh, the NC State Board of Elections will consider the challenge to the Watauga County Board of Elections' Early Voting plan, passed last month by the notorious Luke Eggers/Bill Aceto. Democratic member of the Watauga BOE, Stella Anderson, will present her alternative Early Voting plan to the SBOE, which actually honors the requests of the towns of Blowing Rock and Boone to establish satellite sites, at those towns' expense.

The notorious Eggers/Aceto pod refused those requests, because they (i.e., Stacy C. Eggers IV -- the even more notorious "Four" Eggers) are desperate to prevent any Appalachian State University Early Voting site as a precedent for 2016, when so much of the Republican agenda will be at stake.

With the most notorious of all Paul Foley gone from the SBOE, and a new dude being sworn in to his seat on Friday, there's no telling what might happen.


Anonymous said...

NCGOP voter fraud is simply making it too hard for citizens to vote. Very unpatriotic, undemocratic and exceptionally unAmerican...

Jus' Sayin' said...

Yes, absolutely. Not having a polling place a few blocks away from the courthouse is certainly a form of voter fraud! We should also put a polling place at the Cottages in case some of those students don't want to walk all over the campus just to vote.

Oh Suzannah said...

Sounds like a plan, Just Saying! (Sarcasm: the failure of humor.)

Anonymous said...

Oh Suzannah... Sarcasm, the failure of humor. I agree that this is all Watauga Watch is, jealousy, whining (i.e. Kathleen Campbell and Stella Anderson).

I was thinking the same thing, what have early voting, we have election days. Come on.