Thursday, September 03, 2015

Playing Politics with Teachers' Salaries

Twice in just two days, we've heard the following hot rumor out of Raleigh: Republicans in the General Assembly intend to go forward with the insulting $750 one-time bonus for public school teachers (no pay raise -- just that lump) and then next year in advance of the 2016 elections, when all their wide asses are in the crack, they intend to vote hefty pay raises in hopes that the white-hot anger they've provoked in public employees will cool down and then maybe school teachers will vote them back into power out of gratitude.

That rumor made the Raleigh News&Observer today.

Will that kind of political bribery work? Maybe. Maybe not, if teachers' memories last longer than the average chalk on a blackboard.

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Anonymous said...

$400 million surplus - thanks to increased tax burden for NC residents. And none of that is going to teachers. What is wrong with these people?!!