Sunday, September 27, 2015

The Watauga GOP's Problem with the State Board of Elections

The Watauga Republican Party has received numerous letters from the State Board of Elections since at least 2010 citing the party for non-compliance with North Carolina elections law and assessing penalties. The latest of those penalty assessment letters is reproduced below.

Not only has no one been filing the required quarterly reports, but also no one appears to have been picking up mail at the post office.

Incidentally, "Watauga REC" in the inside address stands for Watauga Republican Executive Committee.


Oh Suzannah said...

Looks like they're just veteran SCOFLAWS, repeat offenders who then beg to be forgiven ("promise we won't do it any more"), and then they do it again. Republicans ... good managers of money? Yeah, right.

Henery said...

Wait just a minute! Wasn't our new elections office director Matt Snyder chair of the party during some of this malfeasance? I believe he was. And where was Anne Marie Yates during all of this non-compliance?

Anonymous said...

Who was the treasurer? Wasn't it an Eggers?

Anonymous said...

Are you saying that you're getting beat in elections by a bunch of people who don't even pick up the mail? That's pretty embarrassing!