Sunday, September 20, 2015

Just One More Worm in the State Budget Bill

It's slowly going to dawn on folks -- or maybe not! -- just how badly they're being screwed by the new budget&tax bill passed by the General Assembly very, very late Thursday night and signed by Governor Squishy the next day.

For example, when people get slapped with that 30% increase in Department of Motor Vehicle fees.

Worse ... the Republicans decided to slap sales taxes on car repairs. As John Boyle points out this morning, who gets their cars repaired more often?  "People with older cars, also known as folks already struggling to get by. Sales tax on hundreds of dollars in repairs will sting those who can least afford it. A regressive tax."

Meanwhile, the rich are doing just fine under this Raleigh regime, which depends for its longevity on the poor and struggling not having a clue how they're being screwed, and by whom.

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