Friday, September 25, 2015

Virginia Foxx Declares Pope Francis a Fairly Good Catholic

Well, after all, Virginia Foxx has a complex religious affiliation. She told The Hill soon after she was first elected to Congress, "I was baptized as a Catholic and then attended a Baptist church and was baptized as a Baptist.”

The "Baptist" in this one is strong, at least when she's parading her religiosity for the regular Baptist homefolks. Foxx's published statement RE the Pope's visit to Capitol Hill suggests that she was doing some serious squirming during his speech to Congress. She could find exactly one measly sentence in Francis's address that earned her praise, that vague one about "life," which satisfied her need to polish her conservative bona fides RE abortion.

Meanwhile, the Catholic in her wanted hugs, kisses, and autographs from Pontifex. We remember well her grabbing George W. and planting a wet kiss and her hounding of Obama for his autograph.

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