Friday, September 25, 2015

Who'll Be King of That Mountain?

We had heard that Dallas Woodhouse, past director of the North Carolina branch of Americans for the Prosperous and a partisan warrior par excellence, was in the running to be the new executive director of the NC GOP -- in the running and very possibly running far ahead -- but now comes news that a rival by the name of Johnny T. Shull has emerged, with an impressive resume, and is moving up on the outside, ridden hard by a millionaire who thinks the NC GOP has gone all squishy and insufficiently conservative.

Johnny T. Shull's letter of application and full resume have surfaced on the InnerTubes, and you can see for yourself how brightly his star shines, especially that connection to the Koch Bros., which gets mentioned twice and fulsomely.

Shull is being recommended to the Central Committee of the NC GOP by Bob Luddy, who made news earlier this year by announcing to the Republican leadership in the General Assembly that he was withholding the $25,000 he had planned to donate to the House Republican Caucus because of the House's dangerous moderation. I'm not making that up.

Luddy hearts Shull for the executive directorship of the NC GOP, apparently, because there's not an ounce of moderation anywhere in Shull's circulatory system.

The Central Committee is supposed to pick their E.D. this weekend.

The bill to move all political primaries up to March 15 -- the freaking Ides -- passed both houses of the General Assembly yesterday and is on its way to The Guv.

A provision was added by the Republican pooh-bahs which appears to be an end-run around the new Republican Party Chair Hasan Harnett. The new law sets up "affiliated party committees," which will allow power-brokers in the NC House and Senate to set up their own fundraising and fund-dispensing operations, separate and apart from the state parties.

This provision was pushed -- inserted? -- by Rep. David Lewis, Republican of Harnett County, who had been a major force supporting someone else besides Hasan Harnett for state Party chair. Looks like Lewis has found a way to make Hasan Harnett totally irrelevant.

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Oh Suzannah said...

This is what Bob Hall, leader of Democracy NC, has to say about that new law:

"It lets 4 legislative leaders – the top Republican and Democrat in the NC House and NC Senate – set up private political slush funds that can receive unlimited donations from special interests, wealthy donors, corporations and lobbyists! Even when the General Assembly is in session!

"This takes political corruption to a new level. Each top leader has total control over his/her fund. A lobbyist, big polluter, state contractor or millionaire could dump $100,000 into the slush fund just as a key bill is being debated."

Things just get more and more corrupt in Raleigh!