Sunday, September 27, 2015

Dallas Woodhouse To Direct Daily Operations of NCGOP

Dallas Woodhouse was selected by the state Republican Central Committee yesterday to take over the state party as executive director.

He's the past state director of Americans for the Prosperous, which gives him good pipelines to the Koch Bros., and he founded the political action committee Carolina Rising, a 501.C.4 which put its muscle behind the election of Pat McCrory in 2012 and the election of Thom Tillis in 2014.

There's this YouTube video of Woodhouse being interviewed at a post-election celebration on the night of Tillis's election:


Anonymous said...

Does he appear drunk to anyone else?

Maxx Headroom said...

Drunk as a lord! (which I guess he is now)

Anonymous said...

I'm a Republican, and I can certainly understand being drunk on the night that we beat liberal Kay Hagan. Good riddance! But being drunk and deciding to do a live TV interview? That doesn't suggest good judgment to me. Hope he proves to be effective and can hold it in the road.

Anonymous said...

Now all someone needs to do is show up at Woodhouse's favorite bar with a cell phone cam and get him to start ranting about Blacks, gays, immigrants or any number of other hot button Republican issues. It'll make a nice viral story on the web.

Jus' Sayin' said...

How can these incompetent drunks keep beating us good democrats in elections?

Jeff said...

They lie and lie and lie and lie..............They are for the 1% and only for the 1%.
They have made it "un-manly" to support anything which helps and supports the vast majority of Americans. If you're not rich and vote for these most un-Christian of all
people then you're a DUPE. Oh, did I mention they lie pretty much every time their mouths are open and emitting sounds?