Sunday, September 13, 2015

Nate Silver: "Trump ... Not So Much"

Nate Silver
Political prognosticator Nate Silver, who correctly predicted which candidate would win every state in the 2012 presidential election, said on September 9 that Trump is dead meat. Silver just can't say exactly when that "sell-by" date will be reached.

Silver thinks Trump won't be the Republican nominee because he's "not conservative enough."

"He's not really a Republican," Silver pointed out. "He's very far to the right on immigration, but he also wants socialized medicine," Silver said. "He wants to tax the rich, right? There's an alternate reality in which he decided to run as a Democrat instead — he wouldn't have to change his policy positions all that much."

Silver said that at this stage, polls haven't yielded much accurate predictive information." People haven't given [the candidates] more than two seconds' worth of attention ... Calm down — it's not a tennis match where you're going back and forth all the time," Silver said. "Keep calm."

I'm perfectly calm, occasionally subject to periods of anguish, frustration, and rage. Otherwise, serenely calm.

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Anonymous said...

I think he's right...we don't need to be hysterical over The Donald.