Tuesday, September 15, 2015

NC Budget Deal: Teachers, Retirees Still Get the Shaft

The Republican leaders waited until almost midnight last night to release their budget deal, and a few hours later today, the Senate side of the General Assembly intends to take their first vote on a 500-page document that no one has read and only The Bosses understand. (The House plans to vote on the deal on Thursday & Friday.)

Veteran teachers/state employees ... no pay increase for any of you, just that insulting $750 "bonus" (YEE-haw!).

State retirees ... no cost-of-living increase for any of you.

Millions of $$ more siphoned off of public education to send kids to private schools with little-to-no-accountability ... $25 million more of public money to the so-called "Opportunity Scholarship" program ("opportunity" mainly for money-grubbing, for-profit operations which promise the moon and sometimes deliver an ant-hill).

New sales taxes on repair and maintenance services because ... the lower-end of the income scale gets to bear more of the burden for this Republican revolution.

No more tax credits for solar and other renewable energy projects because ... fuck this shit!


Anonymous said...

Bonuses are taxed as supplemental income. I have been taught to take off around 40% for taxes.

Tom Fisher said...

I guess they think that retirees, state employees and teachers are stupid, don't vote or both.

Anonymous said...

The budget bill also specifically prevents any state funds from being given to Planned Parenthood for family planning services.

I guess the poor who use these services can use this 1844 recipe to make their own condoms instead.