Wednesday, September 09, 2015

NC Senate Caves (A Little) on Film Incentives

Having done what they bloody well could do to drive filmmaking out of North Carolina (mainly sending it to Atlanta), with all its associated economic benefits (which were plenty!), the Republican numbskulls in the NC General Assembly announced yesterday that their utter failure at a "Film Grant Program" would be tripled in the new budget to $30 million, no matter what else happens to the future of public and higher education and teachers' salaries in this swirling-down-the-drain state.

The Republican grandees in the General Assembly had gotten nothing but bad press about the decamping of TV show after TV show, which have been shaking the dust of North Carolina off their designer boots and heading for friendlier territory since last year.

The $30 million may help, though it's still paltry peas compared to where we were before this radical right-wing bunch took over this once progressive and economically vibrant state.

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