Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Watauga Finals

Kennedy 8,211
Foxx 8,610

Goss 7,912
Soucek 8,757

Tarleton 8,398
Jordan 8,263

Winkler 8,171
Gable 8,240

Thomas 7,656
Blust 8,732

Kinsey 7,104
Miller 9,103

Deal 8,883
Howell 7,677

Hagaman 9,552
Byrd 5,665

Hodges 7,828
Warren 6,697
Welch 6,131
Walpole 5,385
Utter 5,341
Walpole 3,747


Anonymous said...

Poop! This is what happens when only three people I vote for actually win!

oatz said...

Mr. President you got one thing right you are not on the ballot, but your policies are on the ballot. The people have spoken! Pelosi will be flying commercial now. Time for a new direction which better start with a sound fiscal policy or in two years they will be fired also. Congratulations are in order for Madame Foxx despite the "Worst" efforts of Watauga Watch. Good day!

Anonymous said...

The real losers here are the Watauga County teachers and students. Steve Goss and Cullie Tarleton fought tirelessly for educators in Raleigh and the Democrats on the County Commission made education funding a, if not the, top priority. Sadly, I feel like the only person who will fight for education funding and teacher's wages is newly elected school board member John Welch, but exactly how much influence can a first term school board member have?