Sunday, November 28, 2010

Hunger in North Carolina

"Food insecurity" is the new euphemism in the United States for going hungry. It's one of our dirtiest little secrets ... that in this society so many go without sufficient food.

North Carolina ranks only behind Louisiana in the number of children who suffer from "food insecurity." Slightly over 24% of all NC children have real trouble getting fed ... more than one in five.

An article in this a.m.'s Greensboro News & Record highlights the hunger in Guildford County and environs where some 71,000 individuals get emergency food annually from food banks (or 8,700 every week!). Some 31% of those are under the age of 18.

Gosh, with a new crowd of politicians taking control soon in Raleigh, what could possibly happen to this picture? When their Greatest Good is protecting the rich, how will they react to growing hunger in their own state? Like Eberneezer Scrooge?
"Are there no poor houses in operation? I have been forced to support the establishments I have mentioned through taxation and God knows they cost more than they're worth. Those who are badly off must go to the poor houses ... if they'd rather die, then they had better do it and decrease the surplus population. Good night, gentlemen . . . Humbug!"
The Hunger & Health Coalition of Watauga County is always in need of non-perishable food donations. They are particularly grateful for dry boxed cereals and canned goods.


Brushfire said...

How about that charming South Carolina Lt. Gov who said that feeding the hungry only encourages them to breed, like stray dogs.

Liberal Mom said...

They got hungary under a Democratic administration that had been in power for 100 years in NC. Perhaps you should have been a little harder on the liberal dems who didn't do anything about it for 100 years as opposed to conservatives who believe in putting people back to work which in turn will feed the children.

jus'me said...

I don't think it was hungary. I think it was serbia. (Sorry, but I don't think Liberal Mom is....liberal, that is.)

Liberal Mom said...

Has anyone heard of "Hunters for the Hungery"? This conservative based program feeds poor families fresh venison that has been taken by hunters. What a great program.