Saturday, November 20, 2010

The New NC House Speaker

Thom Tillis of Mecklenburg County.

Who, according to Buncombe County arch conservative Carl Mumpower, is really just a "Republican in Name Only" (RINO).

Tillis's election "tells us even more about what we can expect from NC's new elephant majority," sez Mumpower, meaning by that, "not much."

A full transcript of Mr. Mumpower's podcast about Tillis is posted on This Old State.


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No Compromise said...

Posting under the name "Anonymous" is too easy. Maybe you could consider not making "Anonymous" as a choice.

Anonymous said...

So, apparently, JW has succumbed to his progressive censor pals, who want to identify everyone. So much for progressive, liberal, and 'tolerant open minds and free thinking.' We were able to beat them logically and historically on their own territory.

Even Pam and JW could not withstand their own brutal commissars.

shyster said...

Jerry, thanks for the Nonny Mice decision. Have a great and safe Thanksgiving.
I give you an Irish prayer:
Lord, There are people who secretly hate us; please turn their hearts from hate.
Lord, there are people who secretly envy us: please turn their souls from envy.
Lord, if you can't turn their hearts and souls can you at least turn their ankles so we can tell the bastards by their limp.

bettywhite said...

I don't know what you're talking about, Anonymous. You can still pick a nickname and remain Anonymous, or you can choose a different name each time you post. How bout "Asshole"??

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This thread is no longer longer legitimate. It has been censored twice.

If one can pic a nickname ad remain Anonymous, then why not use Anonymous? Does what you call yourself change what you are saying?

By the way, people on the Conservative are getting a big kick out of this.