Thursday, November 04, 2010

Bad Light

Winston-Salem Journal editorial this a.m.: "... [Foxx] would help herself and her district by toning down her sometimes inflammatory rhetoric. Some of her comments in the last two years have cast her and our region in a bad light."

The Journal editorial writer had not noticed, evidently, that Foxx did tone down her rhetoric in 2010, leading up to the election. When she's up for reelection, at least during the months immediately preceding those contests, she hardly ever says that the reform of health care is more dangerous than any terrorist in any country. In my own personal list of the 18 most outrageous things she's said, the juiciest were in 2009. She uttered a few more gems early in 2010, particularly in February, but after that, she mainly kept her big yap shut.

Now that she's been reelected, we fully expect her to get back on the crazy train and go to town! Plus she'll have her BFF Michele Bachmann's back in a quest for a party leadership position in Congress, which should give her increased opportunities to grab microphones. Not to mention her role on the House Rules Committee under her other BFF John Boehner.


Anonymous said...

Ah yes.

Foxx HANDILY wins another term. And thanks to those dems who voted for her! You know who you are.

Now JW has another reason to live for the next 2 years......

to hate Foxx.



Every precinct in watauga county regularly votes for foxx....EXCEPT those 3 or 4 downtown boone precincts that are dominated by students.

this is Foxx country! She is so good they even named a network after her!

Anonymous said...

I think I'm going to be ill.

Anonymous said...

Let's hope so!