Friday, November 12, 2010

Newt Gingrich Wants Me for His Army

So a little after 8 this a.m., the phone rings, and this young man on the other end sez he wants me to take an important opinion survey, but first would I listen to a short, informative message before answering some questions.

'Fraid we never got to the questions, because the recorded message was from one Newt Gingrich. I wasn't taking notes -- hell, I was only on my first cup of coffee -- but I clearly heard "liberal, liberal, liberal ... socialist, socialist, socialist" and the general pitch that the serial fornicator Mr. Newt and I (presumably, or else why was he calling me?) could together Take Back Our Country.

When the young man came back on the line, I'm afraid I didn't take his questions, since it hardly seemed worth the effort to mess with his minimum-wage call-center head ... since he was not the author nor perpetrator of this particular piece of crap and only the victim, really, of needing a job.

What I learn from this is that THEY'RE STILL IN CAMPAIGN MODE and intend to cajole and bully the voters for the next two years.

If anyone else gets the same call, perhaps you'll be more patient and let us all know what corporate scum claims to be paying for it.

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