Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Meet Your New Neighbors


Anonymous said...

I do not like my new neighbors.
I do not like them in these hollers.
I do not like them in a box.
I do not like them with a Foxx.
I do not like them in the House.
I do not like them with a mouse.
I do not like them in the Senate.
I do not like them on this planet.
I do not like them here or there.
I do not like them anywhere.
I do not like Soucek or Jordan.
I do not like them, Sam I am.

Anonymous said...

Barack Hussein Obama

Anonymous said...

I have to say this was the most sleazy and despicable campaign ever run in this county on behalf of two candidates. I hope they can live with themselves because I don't think there is a doubt in anybody's mind that they defeated two good men with their dirty politics! You can get away with it for awhile, guys, but karma is a bitch when it comes back to bite you in the ass!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, if you don't like your new neighbors, hollers, etc., then nothing's keeping you here.

If you don't like it here, then move.

Anonymous said...

Keep in mind that these two nothings didn't do it themselves. They were/are the anointed and paid shills for the state, but especially, the local Republican party. The latter was clearly embarrassed these past years when the local Democratic Party took over just about every elective office in the county.

Who they were picked to run against didn't matter, no matter how dedicated and good they were. The GOP just wanted to regain control and power and set about to convince the naive and unknowing that the people they chose would be better than those awful Dems. All that money from across and outside the state didn't hurt their cause at all, of course.

It's really a great shame that such good and dedicated people would be defeated just because of the party label they wore, despite all the real service they provided to the state and their constituents.

Such cynicism and manipulation!

yetanother said...

Well put Anon 8:07

Mike D. said...


You are delicious to read.

Absolutely no chance that PEOPLE VOTING had anything to do with the outcome of the election not being as you wish. Absolutely not. This horrendous outcome could not be due to the will of the people being done. That would shake your faith in your religion. No. It must have been something else.

Oh, I know, it was evil money that did it!

Wait, wait, I know, it was manipulation!

Or could it have been cynicism?

Nope, wait for it... wait for it... I got it! The people are "naive and unknowing"! The people are hillbilly idiots!

It's a good thing we have you, the educated elite that you are, to explain to us lowly peasants why it is that we do the irrational things that we do.

Thank you, your holiness! (And don't let the castle door whack you in the arse on your way out the door).

amjp said...

Mike D.,

I wasn't going to reply to you, but I decided to add one comment and one question. Here goes:

1). Above (as one of the Anonymous posters) I wasn't referring to you as "naive and unknowing," but to those many residents of the NC 45th Sen. District who could, indeed, be persuaded to vote as the local party and nasty mailers wanted them to. Take a look, if possible, at the larger than usual size of the vote from many of the outlying areas of the counties in question. Don't tell me that kind of inducement doesn't happen. Otherwise, why would they bother to make robo-calls and send out those things?

2). I trust your rationality, so I'd really like your honest answer to this question: What, other than party label, would persuade you to vote for Dan Soucek over Steve Goss?

Mike D. said...

It's great to have WataugaWatch back in full discussion mode. For some time, leading up to the election, there has been very little participation in this forum. If for no other reason, I am happy that Republicans won so that WataugaWatch can return to being the exciting community discussion I have come to enjoy.

One request... the act of choosing a posting nickname really adds to the community feel of the forum J.W. has created.

Would this site be any fun at all if every one of us posted as "Anonymous"?

Anonymous said...

Oh I just got it, JW! Your making fun of the flyer that was sent out accusing Goss & Tarleton of releasing felons into our neighborhoods. It was titled "Meet Your New Neighbors." I get it now, and I like it!

amjp said...

Mike D.,

You didn't answer my question. II reallly wish you would. I'm honestly interested in your response. The others can do whatever - -

Mike D. said...

"2). I trust your rationality, so I'd really like your honest answer to this question: What, other than party label, would persuade you to vote for Dan Soucek over Steve Goss?" - amjp

I cannot speak for other voters. Others in this column may wish to throw around labels and stereotypes, but if you are asking for my honest answer, the only person I can speak for is me. So I'll give you two reasons I voted for Dan Soucek:

1) I met him in person. He showed up at my job and chatted with me and one of my co-workers. He did not introduce himself as a candidate for State Senate. He just said hello, as a person. The only reason I recognized him was because of WataugaWatch's continuous attack on his character. So I knew who he was, but he did not know that I knew. This gave me a chance to assess the man without him realizing it, and it gave me a chance to compare what J.W. wanted me to believe to what my own senses told me to believe.

And guess what? Far from the monster J.W. painted for me, Dan Soucek was a truly genuine, kind, humble, intelligent guy.

2) After realizing that J.W. was painting an unfair, inaccurate picture of Soucek, focusing on the size of some small business that he ran at one point instead of the larger picture of what the man actually does with his life, I decided to do my own research, my own asking. It turns out that Dan Soucek has been spending his time, for the last several years, running to distant corners of our planet to help people recover from natural disasters. I stood in the back of a Toyota pick-up truck in Cutler Ridge and Naranja Lakes after Hurricane Andrew, distributing food and water twice a week to crowds that were so desperate that my driver frequently had to pull away quickly to save me from violence. So I have great appreciation for a person who possesses the courage to enter dangerous, frequently unfriendly surroundings on a regular basis to help people in need.

It is certainly more noble than sniping at people, assassinating their character from the comfortable armchair of cyberspace.

I hope this answers your question. And thanks for adding your name to your post, amjp. =)

amjp said...

Thanks, Mike D. That's helpful. It would have been good if Soucek had displayed his real self more in the campaign. He was nearly invisible and came across to me as just a front man for the Repubs and SP.

I still wouldn't have voted for him, but your statement makes the defeat of very good man and former minister and missionary Steve Goss a tiny bit less painful. Steve is about the most admirable public official I've ever encountered.

Anonymous said...

Steve Goss, in my opinion, is just as much a party hack as some of you claim Repubs are.

My past several conversations with Goss have been disappointing, because he would repeat political platitudes and would not answer my specific questions.

Mr. Goss disappointed me as a Christian minister, because he would not answer questions about crucial issues that concerned me, as a Christian.

These are the reasons I did not vote for Goss; not because of the "D" at the end of his name.

I met Dan Soucek and chatted with him some years ago in a parking lot, and I was impressed with him. And at that time, I did not know him from Adam, never even heard of him.

And, by the way, I am unaffiliated.