Friday, November 19, 2010

Foxx Ran a Sweat-Shop in a Previous Life

A bill that will encourage more Federal workers to "telework" from home (more commonly called "telecommuting") passed the House yesterday and is headed to President Obama for his signature.

Supporters say that the law will save government millions ... reducing the need for office space and increasing productivity not to mention the benefits to traffic congestion.

The bill passed the House 254-152, with most Republicans (natch!) voting against it.

Madam Foxx, of course, felt a great need to take a puritanical public position: The law, said she, would "make it easier for federal employees who already had it much better than the rest of the country to avoid the office."

And we thought her first goal was always saving money, rather than merely punishing civil servants. But no. Estimates exist that telecommuting saved the U.S. treasury some $30 million a day last winter when the capital region was paralyzed by a snowstorm.

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Anonymous said...

It also enables federal employees to defraud the tax payer much easier.