Wednesday, November 17, 2010

True Colors

Carter Wrenn, than whom you just about can't be much more conservative, posts a warning to the new Republican majority in the U.S. House: Might want to think twice about repealing the new regs on Wall Street bankers:
...the Wall Street Banks are now rubbing their hands together and purring over the prospect of the new Republican Majority repealing the President's new banking regulations -- like the legislation the Democrats passed that cut debit card fees for retailers, costing banks billions.

And the Washington Republicans aren't exactly saying to the banks: Forget about it.

Who'd have imagined it: It's just two weeks after the election and in their political wisdom the Washington Republicans are contemplating doing favors for the only villain in sight who's even more unpopular than President Obama: The Banks.

The sooner this new (old) generation of Republicans dances on their puppet-strings to the only puppet-masters they've ever had -- the super rich and the super pious -- the sooner the Democrats can perhaps grow some sinew to take them on.

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