Saturday, November 06, 2010

The New Republican Party Gets Its Bearings

Gonna be pulling a little to the right.

Just a smidge.

"You can't necessarily set the positive agenda that we want across the board, but you can stop a lot of bad things from happening, and that's a step forward," said Colin Hanna, president of tea party support group Let Freedom Ring.

Check the logic of that statement: A step forward is PREVENTING any steps forward.

Yes sir-ee, Bobtail! The new Republican Party is gonna be well worth watching.

So will President Barack Obama, to see if he ever figgers out that these folks on the right side of the aisle have absolutely no intention of ever "working together" on anything. We're frankly not sure the prez is educable on that issue.

P.S. Ah! A Post-Soviet-Era 40-Year Plan!
"The Tea Party Patriots, a coalition of more than 2,800 local groups, plans to hold a conference for freshman lawmakers later this month to remind them to stay loyal to the movement's values. [Tea Party Patriots co-founder Mark] Meckler said activists are looking beyond the next Congress and have come up with a 40-year plan to reform educational, political, judicial and cultural systems to elevate conservative values. The group is also working on a jobs bank to offer the newly elected candidates potential staffers with Washington outsider credentials." (Charlotte Observer)


Anonymous said...

Mark] Meckler said activists are looking beyond the next Congress and have come up with a 40-year plan to reform educational, political, judicial and cultural systems to elevate conservative values. * Story

Holy Flying Tea Pot! Sounds like the leader is like Moses and needs 40 years to get his butt out of the Wildness of Insanity........

oatz said...

Bipartisanship? To quote President Obama at his first bipartisan meeting" John, the Elections over, I won". I wonder if Keith Olberman will get Robert Gibbs gig? Forty year plan sounds like James Carvills (oops 38 year plan).

Henery said...

Quite the letter to the editor in the Jefferson Post. (

Just a paragraph to give you the flavor:

"I still think Cullie Tarleton and Steve Goss are better men than those who ran an outrageously dirty and slanderous campaign. I don’t personally know Jonathan Jordon or Dan Soucek, and maybe they are nice men too—or were—but even if they were honest men, then they are no longer. (If they were they wouldn’t have let others run their campaign with false accusations and lies.)"

amjp said...

Thanks for the link to that letter, Henery. I just read it, and it is, indeed, terrific. She expresses so well all that I have been thinking.

Anonymous said...

Is there no one on this blog who thinks that the people in this area overwhelmingly voted Republican because they were dissatisfied with Democrat governance?

Almost every Republican candidate won....

Learn to accept it...

It's not always about who spent the most money....Cullie had almost a half MILLION dollars in his war chest...yet he lost.

It's not because the majority of voters are stupid....or that they are easily mislead by "negative advertising". My mailbox was full of anti Foxx, Anti Soucek and Anti Jordan negative mailings....

It's not because of "outside spending"....Some of the biggest "outside" spenders this election season were labor unions and Democrat pacs.

The reason Republicans won isn't even because people are happy with the Republican party - or prior Republican leadership. No.

It's primarily because people are upset with current Democrat rule...from Washington, From Raleigh, and from the district and local levels.

Obama swept to victory - and brought a lot of Dem candidates with him BECAUSE of the anti-Bush fervor in this country. Now the pendulum swings the other it always does eventually.

Anonymous said...

The dems swept the polls 2 years ago.

The repubs swept the polls this time.

I've had my mailbox full of Cullie Tarleton trash trying to tell me what a wonderful representative he is.

I've read his weekly email newsletter and he was a spendthrift beyond belief. There was no left wing program he wouldn't throw money at.

Tell me Tarleton, if you "cut" 3.5 Billion form the budget then:

1. Why was it in there in the first place.


2. Why are we going to have another 3.5 Billion dollar deficit next year?

Good luck the the newly elected republicans, they have inherited a real mess thanks to JW's buddies.