Thursday, November 04, 2010

Gavenus Wins After All

Hattip: A.T.

A failure by the Madison County Board of Elections to count a little over 1,000 ballots from two precincts has changed the outcome in the Dist. 24 Superior Court Judgeship race (which includes Watauga). The reported outcome Tuesday night showed incumbent Judge Phil Ginn winning reelection and Mitchell County attorney Hal Harrison taking the second seat.

But the Madison County snafu means Harrison actually lost and Gary Gavenus, an assistant prosecutor in the 24th Judicial District, won. At least, according to WLOS ABC 13 News.

Both Harrison and Gavenus are Republicans, but Harrison was far more partisan in the election, proclaiming his party affiliation on his website when most judicial candidates are demure on the issue because of codes of judicial ethics. Harrison also took extreme positions on the NC Family Policy Council questionnaire.

Gavenus appears to be far more moderate.


Anonymous said...

Although I hate to admit it, I voted for Ginn simply because he was a friend of mine, and for Harrison because he looks like the Nutty Professor.

Anonymous said...

it is a well known fact he looks like austin powers